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Community outreach leads NSCN-IM and NNPG into same Kohima hotel

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Nirendra Dev
NEW DELHI/KOHIMA, JUNE 15: The positive side of community outreach is always ‘positive’.
‘Chance gathering’ at two different levels landed key NSCN-IM leaders and their NNPG counterparts in the same hotel at Kohima on Wednesday, June 15.
No, there were no fireworks, as the season is all about ceasefire and peace.
The NSCN-IM leaders, led by a trusted aide of general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah, landed at the particular hotel at around 2:30 p.m., as the meeting was to start only in the afternoon. They reportedly interacted with some Angami youths. Whether the community youth leaders represented in individual or personal capacities or on behalf of some organizations is under wraps as of now.
“Details of deliberations were not made available to Delhi by the evening of June 15, Wednesday”, an informed source said.
However, the general understanding is that the discussions revolved around the Framework Agreement and the militant group leaders only wanted to explain their stand effectively and in a more crystal clear form.
Interestingly, a group of Chakhesang leaders and especially elders interacted with the pro- Solution NNPG leaders; and here too “certain details” on the peace parleys and provisions as defined under the Agreed Position inked in 2017 were discussed.
In this meeting too, no organisation’s name could be ascertained. “The deliberations could be after personal invitations”, one source tried to argue.
The Chakhesang elders’ meet started in the morning hours and continued till around 5 p.m.; and there was “no chance” that representatives of the two major groups had any chance meeting or bumped on to each other.
In Delhi, analysts feel “nothing can be more positive” than the two prominent militant groups and major stakeholders in the peace process and their leaders trying to reach out to the common people.
“And more importantly, the efforts on behalf of NSCN-IM to explain things or interact with generation next are seen as a vital development in the peace process. The deliberations between
Chakhesang elders and NNPG too ought to be welcomed in the common endeavour towards a Solution”, the source maintained.
Observers feel public pressure and a few well informed spirited individuals and some influential organisations making statements in media and writing articles have had a positive impact as the ‘hurdles’ to an early Solution can be wrecked.