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Community identity not faction’s tool: WC, NNPG

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DIMAPUR, JANUARY 11: The Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups (WC, NNPGs) has taken exception to what it stated was the ‘targeting of individuals and dehumanising leaders’ by the Tenyimi National Workers Forum (TNWF) of NSCN (IM), and asserted that the community’s identity is not a faction’s tool.

In a statement issued on Monday, the committee maintained that the TNWF is a ‘tiny fraction’ of the larger Tenyimi community and “targeting individuals and dehumanising leaders is not a part of Tenyimi culture”.
It expressed belief that TPO, the umbrella organisation of Tenyimi people, stands for correct political and historical vision, and to protect and defend Tenyimi culture while promoting social harmony among communities.
“As such, brazen accusations and divisive statement at this crucial moment of Naga history is unfortunate. The fact is, a politician like Dr. SC Jamir, good or evil, is a child of history. He and other contemporary leaders witnessed utter chaos and destruction of our social and political structure, closely observed Naga history at its worst turbulent hour. If he is the mastermind and guilty of all the crimes, starting from attainment of statehood, what of the other elected legislators and leaders in the last 60 years who flocked together, all sworn in under oath to protect and defend the Indian constitution? It is not wrong to say that NSCN (IM) leadership, for decades, have been great beneficiaries of Nagaland statehood. It is also not wrong to say that they are enjoying the fruits of Dr. Jamir and his peers’ labour to the hilt,” read the statement.
Referring to the 16-Point Agreement of 1960 and the Shillong Accord of 1975, the group stated that past failures are stirring lessons to Naga people today: negotiating political leaders must be transparent on political matters lest the Naga people reject secretive political documents.
“The impending political settlement is to correct the mistakes of the past and all must exercise restraint. It is unwise on the part of TNWF to curse the tree whose fruits the leadership gleefully pounces on,” the committee asserted.
It clarified to the TNWF that “these historical events and milestones, so precious and dear to all Nagas”, have been ignored and excluded deliberately by the signatories of Framework Agreement (FA) on August 3, 2015.
Citing the very first line of FA, the committee contended that it projects the Indo-Naga political conflict as having started after 1955, cutting off all major historical milestones in the process.

“Unless NSCN (IM) leadership explain to the Naga people why Indo-Naga political conflict had to be counted from 1955 or about 6 decades before 2015, and unless there is rectification by signatories on this historical blunder in the opening line of FA, the claim of TNWF or any NSCN (IM) affiliate on Naga history serves no purpose,” the statement read.
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