Thursday, June 20, 2024
North East

Commando units in Moreh to be relocated amid millitant attack on forces, says Manipur security advisor

Imphal, January 19: The present locations of the three state police commando units in Moreh town were unsuitable, making them vulnerable targets, Manipur government’s security advisor Kuldiep Singh said.
In the wake of Wednesday’s militant attack on the forces, it has been decided to relocate these three commando units to other areas of the town located near the Myanmar border, he said.
Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Singh said that an intelligence report had earlier warned of assaults by insurgents, including ‘reinforcements from Burma’.
However, there was no evidence that connects ‘foreign parties’ to the attack, he said.
“Yesterday (Wednesday) morning, militants targeted the commando posts at three locations — two hotels and SBI Moreh. After numerous coordination meetings, it was concluded that the units were positioned in the lower areas of the town, making them susceptible to attacks from the hill areas. We have decided to relocate the units to higher areas of the town, where they can effectively counter the militants,” he said.
Singh said operations against the militants began on Thursday evening.
Additional reinforcements, including one company of BSF and two Army columns, were sent to Moreh, he said.
“We have taken measures to ensure that all forces can collaborate and take action against the militants,” Singh added. (PTI)