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Combat Sports Festival begins; Venuzo defends King of the Ring Series

Combat Sports Festival begins
Champion Venuzo Dawhuo (hands hailed) with other winners and officials of 3E pose for lens at Kohima Local Ground on October 23, 2018.

Kohima, October 23: Reigning champion of Chakhesang Wrestling Association, Venuzo Dawhuo today remained unbeaten to defend the title of Naga Wrestle Mania-7 (King of the Ring Series) for the second consecutive season.
In the final bout, Venuzo defeated reigning NWA champion Menuosetuo Yiese to emerge the champion for the second time.
Dzieselatuo Keretsü and Kezhavizo Thevo were placed third and fourth place winners respectively.
Winning the title, Venuzo received Rs. 1.2 lakh, while runners-up Meneuosetuo got Rs. 60,000, third place Dzieselatuo Rs. 30,000 and fourth place Kezhavizo Rs. 15,000.
Four losing quarter finalists Kezhaseluo-o Pienyii of Kohima village, Nguzii Pao of Tungjoy, Tho Apa of Tungjoy and Seketoukho Nipu of Sechiima received Rs. 8000 each.
Eight losing pre-quarter finalists Kekhriezo Nagi of Sechii Zubza, Khrievotuo Sekhose of Kohima village, Besiihveto Cumu of Phusachodu village, Ruopfiivizo Talie of Riisoma village, Veneseku Vero of Chepoketa village, Seyiekhrietuo Yiese of Kohima village, Serayi of Khuza village and Ruokokehie Khawakhrie of Mezoma village pocketed Rs. 5000 each.
Other 16 losing wrestlers in the first round of the King of the Ring series – Neithongulie Kuotsu of Phesama, Keneiselie Khawakhrie of Mezoma, Avedu Victor H of Tingjoy, Neswukhoyi Dawhuo of Thenyizu, Ayoho of Kohima, Thupuve Vezuh of Khomi, Kezevikho Sakhrie of Viswema, Melevo Rose of Thipuzu, Putso Lasushe of Leshemi, Khriesanguzo Zuyie of Rusoma, Khriebazo Solo of Kohima, Cuhuyi Chuzho of Khulazu, Dima Keyho of Runguzu, Mhiesiriesie Chiicha of Khonoma, Mutuveyi Nyekha of Suthozu and Rahul Rai were also awarded with Rs. 3000 each.
Meanwhile, addressing the inaugural session as the special guest, NPF MLA Keneizhakho Nakhro in his inaugural address said appreciated the organizers of the Combat Festival – 3E for creating a platform for the Naga youths and also providing opportunity for the combat sports lovers to witness the event.
Naga style wrestling has always been special occasion and a source of entertainment for wrestling lovers, he said.
Expressing happiness that Naga youths have been participating at the national and international of combat sports, he aspired that they would bring more laurels to the state by achieving greater heights in the days to come.
Nakhro further encouraged the wrestlers and fighters to maintain discipline and dedication with regular practice to take up professional sports.
Managing Director of 3E, Kethosituo Elvis Mepfuo shared the keynote address.
Meanwhile, Mixed Martial Arts championship known as X1.IN will be held on October 26 and 27 at 5 p.m. on both days.
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