Collaging impetus of environmental degradation


Climate change has inevitably become an integral coefficient of our routine lives. Irrespective of our substantial evidentiary information or speculations on how contingency of natural habitat will be shaped, as the peer reviewed coined term “hot machine — civilization” transitions periodically, our rhetorical indifference to drive conservation because of our individually inclined thesis of beliefs: our sensory or intuitive perceptual subjective identification of the natural environment between methodical and erroneous surface remarks that are not scientifically authentic, merge with the underlying fundamental patterns and is asymmetrical, climate change in and of itself has auto-piloted abruptly convoyed on to abysmally parade it’s desolation on poorly and ineffectively monitored hot machine civilization i.e. the global human ecosystem.
Many atmospheric scientists and climate experts have estimated by 2050 the climate conditions would drastically surge high past the marginal suitable denominator as such the radiation from the decaying environmental anomaly would be the end of civilization as we know it. But Guy McPherson has trademarked another speculation of environmental fallout doomsday, this version much abbreviated since his idea on Near-Term Human Extinction has a close deadline by as early as 2030.
The estimations projected by these scientists are backed by compelling arguments and have mathematical probability of occurring give or take few period of time. By 2016, the bleaching of half the Great Barrier Reef located on the Coral Sea, Australia, have stirred the impulses of researchers encompassing myriad spectrum of field of study. This was one of recent wake up call alarm sounded to humanity by the forces of global warming. McPherson substantiates that the human civilization has reached a pivotal equinox of irony where ‘aerosol masking effect’ has involuntarily partially reduced the scouring solar waves infiltrating earth from the sun but the gradual linear trajectory of environmental decay is lost on the apex of technological epitome humans have achieved on a global scale. He goes on to say that by diminishing civilization, when the greenhouse gases are marginalized, this will cause the aerosols to sediment below the stratosphere hence causing the solar waves to accelerate heating the earth.
Bill McKibben, a renowned American environmentalist whose organization “anti-carbon campaign group” funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, attributing to the objectively descriptive phenomena of abrupt climate change has said that there is no stopping this runaway train.
Figuratively speaking, this elucidates painstakingly in comprehensive proportion how unless a revolutionary technological apparatus is introduced in place to address these inexorable issues, with or without being informed on climate change, turning the sails towards unmotivated attitude, ecological toxicity and redundancy would be equivalent to articulating monotonously but portraying as sharp to strawman out pragmatism on addressing climate change without really, only to await the inevitable at the cost of unremunerative dense self-esteem.
Technological revolution has awarded humans it’s credible domain to commute and interface more interconnectedly, gearing forward to insure collective posterity’s quintessential environmental and sustainable conditions. Perhaps that’s our only essential purpose in life in account of the big picture. But the million dollar question is “can technology succeed in maintaining equilibrium of the natural environment before time runs out?” Can science reason some way out to disintegrate the molecular bond of the chemical compounds like CFC and greenhouse gases. Can it manage to fill up the ozone space with auxiliary compounds to deflect harmful solar radiations. We would be eagerly awaiting for the scientific community to fast track research for further eureka moments, until then, our technologically simulative civilization measurably is underpinned to confront an irreversible climate change to naturally erode away for the civilization within the few decades.
Samuel Longkumer

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