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CNTC demand for President’s Rule “absolutely unjustified”: Nagaland JD (U)

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 19: The Nagaland unit of Janata Dal (United) on Monday stated that it was “flabbergasted” by the “absolutely unjustified” demand of Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) for imposition of President’s Rule (PR) in Nagaland.
In a statement, the State JD (U) said that Nagas have undergone untold sufferings in the past as a result of President’s Rule and the atrocities committed during the period of PR are still a nightmare for those living victims who have faced the hardships during such emergency.
“The solution to Naga political problem does not warrant the imposition of PR. Rather, certain interim arrangements under a vigilant civil set-up can precede in facilitating any political settlement. Therefore, while reminding, the UDA Government, particularly the BJP for its pre-election promise of ‘election for solution’, the JDU sincerely feels that imposition of PR is not in the right direction.
“If Government of India is not committed to accept the will of the people for solution before election, then democratic process of election must be held instead of PR. In this regard, the JDU would like to convey to the public that it is ready to either be a part of solution before election or participate in the durbar of the electorate if election is held”, it stated.
On September 18, the CNTC issued a statement demanding imposition of President’s Rule in the State in order to facilitate solution to the Naga political issue and to curb corruption.
Despite 25 years of negotiation between the Government of India and Naga groups, there has been no outcome so far, it stated.
The Council added that unabated corruption over the years has led to financial crunch in Nagaland and rampant extortion resulted price hike with the common people facing the brunt.
“Most of the Government employees have not been paid salaries, while there has been no progress in education, infrastructure, law and governance, etc. Therefore, the current situation in the State can only be calmed with the imposition of President’s Rule”, it stated.
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