Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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CNSA seeks clarification from Chief Minister

When the world is struggling with Covid19 pandemic, Nagaland and its population is also extending its fullest support and cooperation to the state government and its machineries in all possible manner bracing untold hardships to contain the spread of this dreaded disease, CNSA wants to draw the attention of the state government in the larger interest of the people of Nagaland.
1. It is alleged that the state government have supplied inferior personnel protective equipments (PPE) kits to the frontline workers in the state which is not only endangering their lives but the lives of all the Citizens as this disease is supposed to be very infectious, CNSA wants immediate clarification and through probe on the purchase of all the equipments by an independent inquiry committee.
2. For transparency and accountability CNSA wants public account of all the funds released by the central government for utilizing in the fight for covid19 under National disaster management and epedimic funds, NHM, NEC and any other grant’s to the state.
3. Adding salt to the injury when the citizens are paying exorbitantly for essential commodities levying CESS of petrol and diesel has burdened the citizens to a great extent, thus CNSA appeal to the state government to immediately rollback the CESS without further delay.
4. CNSA earnestly appeal to the state government to create jobs and employment avenues for unemployed youths by providing assistance and logistics for local youths to venture into private and public enterprises.
While appealing to the state government to look into the highlighted matter’s in all urgency CNSA wants the Honorable CM to clarify his statement on financial crisis of the state which is being circulated in various social media in all clarity .

Himato Yeptho
President CNSA

Imsutoshi Imchen
Finance secretary CNSA