Friday, May 7, 2021
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CNSA on Governor’s letter to CM

The 16th June letter written by the Hon’ble Governor and interlocutor of the Naga Peace process to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Nagaland reminds us of the literature piece of Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or was it a storm in a teacup to extend Disturbed Area Act in Nagaland but except for those living inside the high walls the Naga general population have become immune to AFPSA/ DDA and all draconian laws forced upon us from within and outside of our society. Central Nagaland students’ Association (CNSA) is confused as to who the Hon’ble Governor is referring to as “Armed groups” and if it is true Naga political groups in the negotiation should also assist the Government to reign in those groups.
And if the Hon’ble governor is referring to the Naga political groups, he is also a party to those Armed groups as he has been guiding them for almost 6 years and counting. The same yardstick should be used upon him under relevant IPC for instigating and harbouring Armed groups thus creating Law and order issues disturbing peace in the State.
CNSA strongly questions the GOI in general and Hon’ble governor who is also the interlocutor, in particular, to clearly come out and let the Nagas know of how serious they are in solving the Naga political issue?
Naga political struggle for our identity will not end in a ceasefire and the ceasefire of 1964 is a glaring example for all the stakeholders that any ceasefire without outcome will only reignite the movement.
This is to remind the Government of India and all Naga political groups that just silencing the cadres will not end the people’s movement but the settlement or solution should be acceptable and honourable without compromising the inalienable rights and history of the Naga people as no nation is too big to take on or no nation is too small that can be ignored.
The present ceasefire arrangement should be viewed as an opportunity by all the stakeholders to usher in understanding and build trust between the people as Naga people have always felt being oppressed and suppressed due to the lack of understanding the customs, culture and way of life of the Nagas by the dominant group. CNSA believes that this is the most opportune time as the consensus to solve the imbroglio is fully endorsed and supported by the majority of the people.
But in the failure to understand each other, Ceasefire cannot continue forever thus, CNSA sincerely appeals to the Government of India and all Naga political groups to find an amicable solution or call it a day and continue with the struggle with renewed commitment as the choice at the moment is between the devil and the deep sea.
Nevertheless, CNSA expects and prays that good sense will prevail.

Himato Yeptho                                    Lipemo M Tsopoe
President                                               Gen/Secy.
CNSA                                                          CNSA

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