Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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CNCCI suggests measures to state Govt to tide over financial crisis


Dimapur, May 6: The Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CNCCI) today suggested several measures to the state Government to tide over the financial position of the state without burdening the common man.
It advised the state government to put in place strong austerity measures. It suggests that large chunk of state income and revenue is spent on payment of salary, therefore from Class-1 employees to CM office 25% to 30% of salary should be kept on hold for the next 6 months and utilize it to tackle Covid-19 pandemic citing example of Meghalaya. Till such time the business picks up for the state to earn revenues from GST/SGST ,other taxes and income.
It suggested that all purchase of Covid-19 related materials of substandard, non functional and expired items should immediately be returned and money realized be used judiciously.
The Government should know that a resource crunch state does not have the luxury of wastages of resource and burden the common man, it said.
The CNCCI reiterated that the CNCCI and it’s confederates would continue to join hands with the Government to fight the pandemic. However the Government should be ready to listen to the genuine greviences of the stake holders and public to win the battle decisively.
The CNCCI’s suggestions came after the state Government imposed COVID-19 cess on petrol and diesel and refused to roll back despite several appeals from various organizations.
The CNCCI expressed shock at the Government handling on demand for roll back of Cess on Diesel and Petrol. The roll back on the cess has been demanded across the state however, the Government instead of responding positively has been trying to justify it with some flimsy explanation, lay bare the apathy of government towards public misery and can be concluded as anti public, it stated.
It had submitted a representation to the state government on April 30 last advising the government to roll back the cess as it would affect the business community and the general public sparing none.
The CNCCI reminded the state government that the business community knows the ground reality on business matter better than the people in Government who is taking decision on its behalf. (Page News Service)