Monday, June 14, 2021
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CNC against lifting of Sunday market closure


Says ‘Let us not sell God for perishable vegetables’

Dimapur, March 15: The Church body of the NSCN/GPRN, the Council of Nagalim Churches (CNC) has questioned the civil societies and individuals advocating opening of shops on Sundays in Dimapur.
“I would like to question to those civil societies and individuals who are advocating for Business on Sundays in favour of perishable vegetables against the imperishable God /Yahweh Worship,” said Rev. Seksim Kasar, general secretary, CNC in an appeal.
The CNC was reacting to the directive issued by six Dimapur-based organizations to traders selling perishable items, groceries, confectionaries, medicine, hotels & restaurants and travel agencies to open shop from the coming Sunday (March 17) in Dimapur municipal area and East Dimapur jurisdiction.
“Who are those vendors of perishable vegetable – Naga, non Naga, illegal immigrants, miyas, Christians, non Christians, etc. etc. Should Naga Christians go to market on Sunday for their perishable vegetables or should they go to Church and worship the Everlasting God, the Creator and the Sustainer of the Universe for gain of eternal blessing? What is your choice – vegetable or God?” the CNC asked.
Stating that one danger that lies with the common men is that “if you spread to them rumours, wrong messages, give wrong teachings and instructions, then they become the active elements of havoc and complete destruction of the society,” Rev. Seksim Kasar said, “If doom comes, you are not exception to destruction. Mind it seriously. Let us not be advocates of wrong things.”
Calling for closure of markets on Sunday before “proper understanding is brought about,” Rev. Seksim Kasar added, “Let us not quarrel, let us not sell God for perishable vegetables.”
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