Wednesday, May 19, 2021

CMO Tuensang clarifies

Tuensang, July 30: Amidst the panic caused in Tuensang because of the recent positive case on COVID-19, there have been rumours and news in the town that a police personnel has been tested positive with the virus. However, CMO clarifies that these news are untrue, and further stated that everything is in control and people should refrain from creating fake news and rumours among each other.
According to sources, two people had left for carrying goods on July 15, and travel history confirmed that they had visited Jorhat. On reaching Tuensang on July 27, they were taken for tests at COVID Hospital in which one of them tested positive with COVID-19. They were immediately isolated and kept at COVID care center.
According to CMO, contact tracing is complete. Primary contacts have been kept at institutional quarantine and secondary contacts are home quarantined. (Page News Service)