Saturday, December 9, 2023

CMO Peren holds district review meet

Nagaland News

Dimapur, December 10: Chief Medical Office, Peren District under the chairmanship of Dr Lanuakum, Deputy CMO Peren held its District review meeting on December 5 in the CMO’s conference hall, New Peren. The meeting was attended by District Programme Officers, nurses, pharmacist, DAPCU staff, District and Block Program Management Unit staff NHM.

Dr Lanuakum highlighted about AB-PMJAY health scheme status in the District and stated that the e-card issued is only 15%; expected card to be issued is 76,490 when the total e-card issued is only 8628. He requested the health workers to cooperate with the village councils to collect the required documents of the villagers for enrolment of the e-card and to submit to the staff in the office and try to generate the e-card. He urged the health workers for cooperation to improve the district performance. He also reminded and encouraged the health workers about the importance of institutional deliveries and early registration of pregnancy and ANC in the district.
He stressed on the point that monthly meeting is very important for disseminating information, to update and communicate with one another and urged everyone that the meeting be given utmost priority.
DPM Elizabeth gave a brief note on the format for the survey for COVID-19 vaccines which is to be conducted in each household in all the villages. She highlighted how to go about and what is to be done.
Later, a short programme was held for Advent Christmas. Kengimngauke, STS NTEP , Peren chaired the programme and Christmas message was delivered by Dr. Imnuk, Epidemiologist and Visono Thaprii, CHO Samzuiram.
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