CMO, NDPP files FIR on ‘fake letters & documents’

CMO, NDPP files FIR on ‘fake letters & documents’

Dimapur, April 7: The Chief Ministers Office and the NDPP have filed FIRs with the concerned authorities over the circulation of “fake letters and documents” written on the letter head of the Chief Minister and the writing pad of the NDPP.
The NDPP has also taken the matter to the Election Commission of India, as the circulation of the “fake letters and documents” has been “deliberately committed to confuse the minds of the electorate during these last crucial days before polling, aimed at negatively impacting the position of the NDPP-PDA candidates.”
The “fake letters and documents” circulated in the social media pertains to an alleged letter written in the letter head of the Chief Minister and signed by the CM addressed to Congress President Rahul Gandhi agreeing to support the Congress in the event it comes to power at the Centre. Another “fake document” in the writing pad of the NDPP gave details of an apparent ministerial and portfolio reshuffle removing BJP members from the Cabinet and post of Advisors.
In a communiqué, the NDPP said the emergence of the “fake letters and documents” is not only shocking but appalling that “political adversaries and detractors who have run out of ideas and strategies have gone to the extent of resorting to such blatant criminal acts.”
The NDPP, however, did not name the “political adversaries and detractors” that had resorted to such “criminal acts.”
Stating that the severity of the crime includes forgery, impersonation, illegal production and misuse of official State stationary with the intent to mislead the citizens of the State and create confusion in the minds of the masses by resorting to strategies that are illegal and deserving of exemplary punishment, the NDPP said these are very serious political crimes that challenge the very foundations of democracy, aimed at making innocent citizens lose confidence in the system and the Government.
“The gravity of the crimes committed are such that they have been aimed at demeaning and insulting a constitutionally and democratically elected State Government; it is also a direct attempt towards trying to create instability and confusion within the PDA Government in the hope of sowing the seeds of mistrust and breaking the levels of confidence within the coalition,” it said.
The communiqué, however, claimed that the PDA stands stronger than ever and will not be swayed or affected by such mindless criminal acts.
The NDPP also claimed that the fake letters bearing the forged signatures were initially sent to the BJP leadership and circulated amongst senior political leaders, journalists, media houses and thereafter in social media platforms. “These actions expose the fact that it was a political strategy targeted to impact the PDA coalition and defame the PDA leadership, executed by our political adversaries,” it claimed, adding this is not the first time that such a mala fide strategy has been attempted.
“It is indeed unfortunate that the level of politics in the state has stooped to such a state where our political adversaries, in their desperation and frustration have resorted to such an unbelievable and shocking “political” strategy.”
Appealing to all the agencies to deliver justice at the earliest, the NDPP urged the people of Nagaland to continue reposing their faith and confidence in the NDPP-PDA coalition and its leadership. With the polling day looming ahead, the party also appealed to the citizens of Nagaland to come out and exercise their adult franchise by casting their votes and uphold the great democracy of our nation. (Page News Service)