Friday, December 8, 2023

CMO Dimapur appeals to returnees in quarantine centres

Dimapur, July 10: Chief Medical Officer Dimapur, Dr Tiasunup Pongener has appealed to the returnees in Quarantine Centres to maintain strict social distancing, wear masks at all times, frequently wash hands, stop spitting and not to loiter around inside the quarantine centres so that their stay is pleasant and they are released on time.
He informed the returnees that the doctors and staff of CMO office Dimapur have been working ceaselessly and sleeplessly for the last four to five months in order to help the returnees and the people of Nagaland to remain safe from COVID-19.
“During this period we have faced may ups and downs and many unfavourable but avoidable circumstance with the returnees in the quarantine centres,” he stated in the appeal to the returnees.
He also mentioned that there were instances where spread of infection happened among returnees due to the returnees not adhering to the quarantine rules leading to some of the returnees being discharged after 32 days instead of normal 14 days due to cross infection.
He said inspite of all efforts put in by the Government, the facilities in the quarantine centres may not be like home, but he assured that their stay at the institutional quarantine centres would be a life time experience which they would cherish later on in life.
In case of any health issues, he asked the returnees to contact the Quick Response Medical Teams led by Medical officers. (Page News Service)