Monday, July 15, 2024
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Clubhouse appears to be one step ahead of Tinder!

Clubhouse (Ch) a voice based social networking app which seems to obliterate the charm of Tinder and other visual dating apps. It currently has more than 10 million users from across the world and it is open for everyone on IOS and Android.
As we all know Tinder is the most popular dating apps wherein user according to their preference can ‘swipe right’ the person they honestly might like and conversely ‘swipe left’ the person they probably don’t like.
Clubhouse consist of chats room where each and everybody speaks and interact with each other on regular basis in different clubs hosted by the moderators. Initially Rooms were made on clubhouse to discuss about important topics that the world is facing, business and job related queries or some kind of entertainment for example a choice between which movie is much soul satisfying Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or Dil Dhadakne Do.
While if currently you join in any of the rooms you wouldn’t be amazed seeing users capitalizing their times to connect romantically. Most rooms are named as ‘This or that’ where you are asked to choose between two people of opposite gender till you are ready to stick to one person. ‘Smash or Pass’ where you have to smash the person you like and pass the person you don’t like from the panel. ‘Hastags’ you are asked to provide tags to people present on the panel which may be filtered or unfiltered. In between all these happenings there are clubs of ‘Random calls and followers’ rooms are made where people follow each other and initiate a private room to make connections.
To know more about Clubhouse dating scenarios four episodes were conducted of the name ‘Will Clubhouse love stories workout?’ which was open for all to join. Lot of youngsters who use Clubhouse everyday joined and shared their relationships experience. The segment of whole session is divided into five categories of twenty percent each. About 20% of the people who belong to the same community said that they found their perfect matches and have already discussed about each other with their families. While other 20% percent of the people believe that this app is good to socialize and make friends but it is not meant for falling in love with anyone. The next 20% percent of people says that you smash someone in a room than smash someone else in different room how can a person trust the other person. Another 20% says that so many fake profiles exist that finding love in here has no meaning. The last 20% of people says that if they find someone so amazing than they probably would tell him or her to leave clubhouse with them as it is toxic and would ruin their beautiful relationship.
Anushka, a 21 year old regular user of clubhouse shared her story with the panel that once she got attached with a group of members in a clubhouse room and fall for a guy from the same group and they both started talking to each other outside than clubhouse on whatsapp audio and video calls after some days passed he started ignoring her and she asked why than he said he has found someone better and told her to move on. Anushka was totally heartbroken after hearing that and blocked him from every social media they had ever exchanged.
So this is a negative showcase of how people easily get bored of you after finding someone more good looking but also tells you to just not blindly trust a complete stranger you may never know can break your heart.
Another girl who wants to stay anonymous shared her love story saying if she hadn’t downloaded clubhouse than she might never have met her boyfriend whom she will be getting married to after four and a half month.
So there is a positive case too when both the person are genuine to each other than things might turn out to be a little different from the above love story turned to hate story.
Lastly Clubhouse and Tinder both are social media apps at the end of the day. The virtual world is always different from the real world. If you ever think of making a connection with someone virtually than the best way to do that is by meeting him or her in person to stay away from frauds and other emotional outbreaks.
Tanishka Jain