Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Cloud seeding backfires? Unprecedented floods paralyse Dubai amidst global weather chaos

GUWAHATI, APRIL 17: The heavy rains, possibly intensified by cloud seeding, brought about a year and a half’s worth of rain in just one instance to the bustling city of Dubai.
Major highways were inundated and runways at Dubai International Airport were submerged, leading to significant disruptions in air travel. Flights faced delays, cancellations, or diversions due to the non-operational runways, said reports.
Meanwhile, the inundation sparked discussions online, with many questioning whether the phenomenon was a result of cloud seeding or climate change. According to reports, cloud seeding is a technology employed in regions like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which aims to induce rainfall in arid areas. It involves the injection of silver iodide or potassium iodide particles into clouds via aircraft or helicopters, facilitating the formation of raindrops by enhancing condensation.
While the exact cause of the unprecedented floods remains unclear, a CNN report suggested a connection between the heavy downpour in Dubai and a larger storm system originating from the Arabian Peninsula, traversing the Gulf of Oman. This system had already caused significant flooding in Oman and southeastern Iran in the preceding days.
Reports from Bloomberg hinted at the involvement of active cloud seeding operations, which may have contributed to the intensified rainfall and subsequent floods.
(Courtesy: AT)