Sunday, September 26, 2021
Page Mail

Cleanliness is Godliness

Dear Madam,
With passage of days, layers of dust descend “silently” upon the top of the refrigerator, spiders come up with webs in the ceiling corner, newspapers of past few days pile up here and there and similar “untidy” things happen perhaps due to lethargy or paucity of time! So come Saturday/Sunday, it’s time to clean up! As the mess yields place to cleanliness and order, instantly a dignified saintly face is bound to emerge in the consciousness. Though she remains an unforgettable personality, but flow of time and augmentation of newer pressure from all sectors have transported her to sub-conscious mind. Yes, many a times indeed she comes if particular incidents/memories get provoked; but religiously she is bound to appear when the dirtiness and chaos gets defeated through cleanliness and order.
Now where lies the relationship between cleanliness and the graceful lady! Actually she used to always remain spotlessly clean — be it in her simple attire, bed sheet or bookshelf. In the small balcony adjoining her room, she planted plants and flowers imparting a beautiful fragrance and colourful sight to the immediate surrounding. Perhaps this spirit of “Cleanliness is Godliness” was the main reason behind her attainment of a divine height full of inner joy, happiness, calm and poise. So whenever my corner of the house gets a fresh look after operation clean-up, inevitably her face emerges from nowhere!
However her relevance can be attained to the full in my life only when I will succeed in removing the cobwebs not only from the premises of my flat; but from my mind as well. After all she was squeaky clean not only in external front, but also in her embedded thoughts and action as well! Indeed she had done perfect justice to the Sanskrit word ‘LABANYA’ — incidentally her name!
Kajal Chatterjee