Clean election sees an improving affect…


Dear Madam,

Come 27th of February, our state goes for the 13th Assembly polls along with few counterpart states.
Interestingly, unlike other times we shall be witnessing fewer fresh scenarios and developments.
Bunch of daringly bold women making historic fearless maiden entries, Renowned Anti-corruption crusader taking a chance for change, handful of high profile retired Bureaucrats vying for political career wit promises of newer & unconventional mantras, Egg-roll seller with his youthful appeal laying a ground breaking opportunity for future aspirants, clean election at least sees an improving affect to certain degree as compared to the past, leading blogger’s envisaging that it may record the highest NOTA this election, etc
The core bottom line echoing card – above everything, we humbly wish to attain life to it’s fullest. We need a Hero who can deliver goods to his/her very own people!.

W. Ren James, Social Entrepreneur & Development Activist.