Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Clean Dimapur

Keeping Dimapur city clean is the job of the gov ernment which, we all know, can be achieved through its designated agencies. In our case, the Dimapur Municipal Council is charged with this responsibility. It is important that Dimapur presents a look of cleanliness and order. Today unfortunately the deterioration in our civic conditions continues unchecked and is assuming serious proportions despite the regular change of guard at the helm of the DMC setup. Now such a problem calls for immediate intervention. Authorities need to take charge of the situation and get a comprehensive action plan prepared to restore this city without bothering for political fallouts. In fact there is a need for political parties belonging to different streams to cooperate in this endeavor. Perhaps the Government of Nagaland should also consider setting up a Dimapur City Development Committee/Corporation with representation from all related government agencies, besides the civil society towards this end. This committee should meet as frequently as possible to assess progress on the road map that it prepares for improving the civic conditions of the city and clearing it of the mess that it is in today. Once the task is taken forward and a semblance of order is restored, it should then be the exclusive domain of the DMC to work further. There is also a dire need for a comprehensive review of the working of DMC, which has the bulk of job to perform. This organization has a significant contribution in the mess that has been created. Corruption in this institution is an open secret to say the least. Rampant violations of building norms, etc is actively supported, promoted and facilitated by the officials of this institution. It requires complete overhaul and purging it of corrupt elements should be the priority of the Government. Regrettably, the present leadership appears to be lacking will and capability to deliver. The city has to be rid of roadside vendors who are now occupying every available space in the city. This needs to be regulated in an orderly manner. The fact that our road spaces have shrunk and free and convenient mobility has become difficult is because of the mushroom growth of these roadside sellers of variety of products. The main town area and Super Market area should be rid of those occupying the pedestrian pathways for selling their goods. This will help in decongesting the area and making vehicular and pedestrian mobility free and convenient. It will also help keep the city clean of the massive garbage that the road side sellers leave on roads every day giving this prominent area a very shabby look. The state government should also seriously consider declaring as unlawful the occupation of pavements by shopkeepers to promote their business and bring about a suitable legislation, unless there is one already in place, enabling the pedestrians to use them for a safe and secure walk. It should impose huge fines besides order sealing the shops and establishments that hinder or obstruct free movement on pavements if the notice of warning goes unheeded. We are also seeing an alarming growth of shopping malls. These malls have no parking places. With the result, the roads and lanes become their free parking places (with some even erecting ‘No Parking’ signs or ‘Parking only for customers’) causing reduction in road space for mobility of traffic which more often than not causes traffic congestions. No new such malls need to be permitted and the existing ones need to be put on notice and provided with a time frame to create parking spaces or face closure. At the same time, the mushroom growth in the number of beggars is giving rise to a big social dilemma and a bad look to the city. It has become so widespread that even physically well to do persons are taking to it as a convenient mode of employment. That is disgraceful and needs to be curbed using existing laws. The government should further consider monitoring implementation of its roadmap installing Close Circuit TVs and setting up a control room for the purpose so that no one can take chance with the system. Making Dimapur clean and orderly is what we should strive for in the first instance before entering into a race with other cities of the world.