Friday, April 16, 2021
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Clean Dimapur initiative misses the mark

Garbage on road
Garbage site on the roadside at Lhomithi Colony (Pranabananda Women's College junction) on December 5. (Photo courtesy: JAC)

Dimapur, December 5: With piles of garbage dumped on the roadside of almost all routes leading to the town, the Clean Dimapur initiative of the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) appears to have missed the mark.
The garbage dumped on the roadsides is not only an eyesore but is also a major health hazard due to the stench emanating from it.
The district administration and the municipal body had issued directive to traders in the town to paint and decorate their shops to give a clean image of Dimapur town to visitors in view of the festive season, but the authorities concerned appears to have overlooked the fact that the first impression a visitor get is the sight of garbage dumps and stench from it on the roads leading to the town.
Highlighting a garbage dump on the roadside in one of the major routes leading to the town, the Joint Action Committee (JAC) Dhobinalla-Signal Angami-Thahekhu-Rangapahar Road today said the garbage site located at a junction leading to Pranabananda Women’s College, and the stench emanating from it, is causing health hazard to people living in the area, including Lhomithi Colony.
The JAC requested the Dimapur Municipal Council to regularly clean the area in the interest of public health and environment as well as to facilitate smooth construction of road and drainage. It also appealed to the appropriate authorities to look into the problem of land encroachment along the drain.
Meanwhile the JAC informed that the road stretch from Dhobinall-Signal Angami-Thahekhu which was constructed towards the end of 2015 with the so called New German Technology has not lived up to its name. It informed that repair and renovation works along the stretch including drain will start soon.
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