Apropos the allegations raised against me in the Media vis-à-vis MNREGS imbroglio in which abnormal fund-allocation under Dimapur District was exposed by the NPF Party, the version existing in public domain stands deficient if I do not clarify my standpoint.
In regard to MNREGS Fund allocation by RD Department, sufficient clarification was given by the NPF Party and if there was any shortcoming on the part of the former, its bounden duty is to come out with clarifications. Whatever the circumstances, the Naga Peoples’ Front will be a responsible Opposition Party and will continue to shoulder its duty in the interest of the Naga citizens, inside or outside the Legislative Assembly.
Attempt to silence the Opposition by roping in one’s own village, clan or family will be the greatest political evil, the State of Nagaland has experienced till date because in the present context, the conflict is not between two people or between two clans/villages or NGOs but is rather between the concern Department and the general MNREGS beneficiaries, the facts and figures of which the Department should have figured out by now while putting all doubts and confusions to rest.
As a human being, I might have committed mistakes. Nevertheless, I fail to recollect any action/s taken against Lhoubeilatuo Kire based on hatred or enmity some 20 years back. I would like to know the kind of allegation that I, as Forest Minister during 1998-2003, had leveled against Lhoubeilatuo Kire as reflected in the statement of Kire clan appended by its President Dr. Kikrukuolie Kire and General Secretary Vilavotuo Kire which appeared in some local media on April 15 2018.
The nature of alleged action taken against the officer, who was a Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) at that period of time as stated in the statement, must be clearly spelled-out to avoid misperception and negative supposition because, as a matter of fact, I had never given any adverse remark, be it in the ACR or in file noting.
As far as my memory goes, I remember only one thing which was in regard to his transfer and posting. On his personal request, Lhoubeilatuo Kire was transferred from Peren to Dimapur with additional charge of Kohima Divisions as DFO. In due course of time, complaints came from other officers reasoning that one officer should not hold dual charge of two Districts since the Department had sufficient officers. As such, he was relieved of Dimapur Division and retained as DFO, Kohima which was done following normal procedure without any adverse remark or allegation raised.
Beside this, if Lhoubeilatuo Kire has the impression that I had acted against him, he may come out with the kind of action or allegation I had initiated against him so that I will be in a position to clarify individually or openly, if the need arises.

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