Monday, July 26, 2021
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On the 16.10.2019, the Northeast Live TV correspondent privately interviewed me at my residence, Kohima in connection with the ongoing political negotiations. To one of the questions, I stated that ‘the political solution has to be worked out within the ambit of the Constitution of India.’ I do not involve in social media and yet few friends informed me that this very statement went viral in social media. As reported to me that the reactions were mostly the rejection of such solution to be under the Constitution of India and branding my understanding of the issue to be false.
Nevertheless, I cannot be convinced that the Interlocutor representing the GOI would ever sign any written document pertaining to the proposed political solution with the Naga negotiators outside the ambit of the Indian Constitution. I have understood that both the Framework Agreement between the Interlocutor on behalf of the GOI and the NSCN(IM) signed on 3.8.2015 and the ‘Preamble’/’Agreed Position’ signed on 17.11.2017 between the Working Committee, NNPGs and the same Interlocutor on behalf of the GOI were within the Constitution of India. The above written agreements became possible only when all the signatories had mutually agreed to appreciate and understand each other’s positions and predicaments. The Naga negotiators had therefore agreed not to insist on the Naga Sovereignty and the Integration of the Naga areas this time.
Having created the written documents by the negotiators I cannot imagine that should the political solution be evolved out of the ongoing exercises as scheduled, it will be possible outside the purview of the Constitution of India. My understanding therefore remains that the expected solution will be constitutionally acceptable to Indian Parliament whereby such agreements when reached will remain respectable, legal and constitutional.
As much liberty I have to have a personal opinion on a given issue and for which I am responsible, that much liberty anybody has to agree or to disagree under democracy.
Z. Lohe

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