Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Clarification to the events related to the death of a woman at Aoyimti

I am constraint to write this clarification due to the allegations against me that is going viral in the Whatsapp with regard to a letter written from CMO Dimapur in relation to the death of a lady in Aoyimti Village, Dimapur. On that fateful day, I was as usual busy in my Office when suddenly an employee of our office barged in. And I asked him what the matter was (he looked distressed and in urgency) and he said that he was accompanying a serious patient who needed a Covid-19 TruNat test to get admitted to Eden Hospital. Unfortunately, that day the Testing Centre at Covid-19 Isolation was packed and very busy, so I suggested him to take her to Chumu TrueNat testing centre in order to get the test done as fast as possible so as to seek treatment wherever they wanted to and he agreed. Then I called up our Pathologist at Chumu testing centre to facilitate them and run the test urgently. At around 1.30 p.m. our pathologist called me up and said tht he test cam high positive and ask me for direction. So tol him to refer the patient to Covid-19 hospital and accordinly I informed the Medical Superintendent of Covid 19 Hospital that a patient was on the way. Since I was preoccupied with my works, I was not aware what was happening or had happened especially becaus the attendant never informed me anythign.
The Medical Superintendent called me at around 2.45 p.m. that the positive patient had so far not reported to his hospital. Within no time our District Surveillance Officer cam to my room and told me that Eden Hospital had called him up and said that a Truenat positive woman had died at Aoyimti village. And when I enquired, it happened to be the same patient. Sensing the emergency nature of the situation, I immediately send my team of doctors carry out necessar precautionary measurs and also called up the Village Council Chairman to inform him about the circumstances. In spite of my preoccupation, I decided to act on this matter immediately so I called up the chairman and asked him a few particulars relating to this woman and I was told that she was round 45 years livign with her father in lane 3 area.
I had to immediately write an official letter to the Village Council Chairman in order to recommend some preventive measures and also issue necessary do’s and don’ts for the well being of the community. Therefore a brief preliminary report had to be stated ni my letter as a background of the case which was followed by the steps to be undertaken for immediate mitigation. The backgroun information in my letter was never meant to be the case investigation report or findings of what actually happened during the ordeal of her hospital seeking. It may be stated that my team did our best to carry out mitigation measures that same night and the case is being followed up as of today.
While I sincerely express my regret for the loss of precious life, I hope the matter will end here. Let us all join hands together in the fight against this pandemic.
Dr Tiasunup Pongener MD (AIIMS)

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