Clarification sought from District Administration, Dimapur


This is apropos to the news item published under the caption, “Certificates to non-Naga inhabitant of Dimapur cancelled,” wherein it has been mentioned that all documents pertaining to their citizenship rights has been nullified.
The order has specially mentioned about one particular district of Dimapur where the concentration of non-Naga population is more as compared to the other districts of Nagaland. Many of the non-Nagas have settled in Dimapur for more than a century and many have come even before statehood. They should be identified and segregated from the population which has come and settled much later. The lapses on the part of the administration in issuing documents randomly in the past cannot be used as a tool to deprive the bonafide citizens. That too, why only for Dimapur and not for all non-Nagas of Nagaland.
Secondly, if the state government is apprehending the ripple affect of the NRC in Assam to have its impact in Nagaland, then measures need to be initiated to check it with remedial measures with the help and co-operation of the people.
The influx of people from outside to Dimapur and even further has been a continuous trend for a very long time but no concrete measures were initiated to check the same. As a result the situation has come to such a passé that even the people who are settled here for a long period of time are being threatened.
Having been born and raised up in Nagaland it concerns me after over half a century of existence that a decision has come which is nothing short of shocking.
Finally its needs to be clarified that the views expressed here are purely individual and does not in any way reflect the views of any non-Naga organizations whatsoever.

Timir Choudhury
Dimapur Citizen

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