Clarification from Naga Hoho


The undersigned on behalf of the Naga Hoho Executive Council is constraint to issue this clarification over the purported summoning of Naga Hoho Federal Assembly; and the subsequent resolution adopted by four Federating units/tribes of the Naga Hoho on 31st May, 2018 at Hotel Vivor, Kohima, vis-a-vis appearance of such news item in all local dailies on 2nd June, 2018, under the caption- “Naga Hoho resolves to continue striving for Nagas’ cause” “Naga Hoho Federal Assembly held” Naga Hoho fights to the paper over cracks” Officials from tribes dissociated from Naga Hoho must demit office”
As the matter of fact, it is really painful to debate in social media or invite media was in public domain over the differences on petty issue among the Executive members of Naga Hoho which is tribal and area based in nature. While strongly trusting in the principles of Naga Hoho Yezabo of safeguarding brotherhood, unity and fraternity among the Nagas, we have no option other than to clarify the position of the Naga Hoho through social, electronic and print media.
Like any other organizations, Naga Hoho too have written Constitution which govern the functioning of our office and accordingly there is a well established system either to elect/remove any officials through the proceedings in the Federal Assembly. We will not dwell on each and every provisions of Yezabo here except the issue highlighted by the dissident Executive Members while the matter shall be thoroughly debated and discussed during the forthcoming Federal Assembly. Indeed, we believe in people-people dialogue on vital issues towards resolving all forms of conflicts.
1. Naga Hoho have never ceased form functioning despite of various obstacles from both within and outside elements that has been working against the legitimacy of Naga Hoho which in fact has gone even up to the extent of dismantling Naga Hoho. Naga Hoho does not belong to any particular tribe/region but it belongs to all Naga areas and the people.
2. We have come to know the summoning of Emergency Federal Assembly by Deputy Speaker by-passing the executive council through social media which is totally against the basic tenets of Yezabo and ultimately the Assembly Secretary was required to inform all the federating units/tribes on 23rd May, 2018 to abstain from attending the Assembly consequently, the allegation made by Deputy Speaker and session Secretary that a certain Naga National organization was involved in directing the Federal units not to attend the federal Assembly needs substantiation/clarification.
3. There is no doubt that As Senden, Sumi Hoho and Lotha Hoho have dissociated from Naga Hoho and the President and Vice President were directed by the respective tribes to demit the Naga Hoho office. Ao Senden has eve ex-communicated the President of Naga Hoho for not obliging the directives. Nevertheless, in its latest communication to the “Speaker” of Naga Hoho from Ao Senden on 25th May, 2018 categorically mentioned that “Ao Senden withdrew the ex-communication imposed upon P.Chuba Ozukum on 21-11-2017. All this reconciliatory initiatives were taken to strengthen Naga Hoho and to unite Naga society”. Since then, there is no such directive from the Ao Senden upon the President of Naga Hoho to resign. It is very encouraging to note the statement of Ao Senden while addressing to the “Speaker” in the same letter,…” the Ao Senden finds that the nature of the meeting summoned by you dated 15.05.18 contradicts with the constitution of the Naga Hoho, and for which we find that there is no need to have such unauthorized meeting. Therefore, the meeting should be convened as early as possible through proper channel”. It is our strong believe that the three dissociated tribes have never left Naga Hoho forever which clearly indicates in Ao Senden’s letter. Naga Hoho officials have been in constant touch with CNTC and its constituent units to review their earlier decision and join hands with Naga Hoho at the earliest. It is not the bounden duty of Naga Hoho and every federating unit to request the three dissociated tribes to be a part of Naga Hoho family since the Rongmei tribe recognition issue is being solved? Can the Naga Hoho be strengthened if we are to chase away even the officials whose tribes are dissociated form the Naga Hoho temporarily? We do not believe in rigidity and division but believe in conflict transformation.
4. Naga Hoho Execitive council meeting was held on 7th October, 2017 at Hotel Cimorb, Kohima, following the strictures imposed upon Eno P. Chuba Ozukum, Prisident and Eno H. K. Zhimomi, Vice President (Adm) by four tribes – APO, CPO, PH and RH and decided to invite the four tribes on 17th October. Accordingly, the four tribes were invited on the scheduled date but unfortunately, they turned down the request and the meeting was cancelled. On the same day (7th October), the Executive Council decided to convene the Federal Assembly on 3rd November at Senapati as constitutional obligation and most importantly to deliberate over the confronting issues. This was blatantly ignored by the Deputy Speaker and had consequently failed to convene the Federal Assembly for reason best known to him and therefore the question of not convening the Federal Assembly as per the Yezabo does not arise as alleged by the Deputy Speaker and the Session Secretary.
5. As appeared in the allegation, the “Executive Council meeting” of 31st October, 2017 without the President and the Vice President was not at all a Executive meeting where there was no such resolution to request the President to demit office on the ground that their respective tribe organization had dissociated from the Naga Hoho. In fact, it was convened by the Deputy Speaker undermining the existence of President and Vice President and it was just a consultation for strengthening Naga Hoho. As the matter of fact, no officials or federating units can undermine the existence of legally elected President and Vice President unless they resign or removed officially.
6. As of now, there are three Naga Hoho officials from Ao, Sumi and Lotha community and the three apex bodies dissociated together under the aegis of CNTC from Naga Hoho since 24th August, 2016. It is beyond our comprehension as to why the Deputy Speaker who is also the President of Rengam Hoho should succumb to the pressure from four federating units to have imposed strictures upon two officials alone form Ao and Sumi excluding the Representatives from Lotha. On the question of the role of Deputy Speaker, it will be precisely impossible to serve both the Naga Hoho and Rengma Hoho as the saying goes one cannot serve two masters.
In conclusion, Naga Hoho was not formed to serve the interest of a particular person or group of people/tribes/region/state. It was founded and formed by the pioneers to work tirelessly for unity and reconciliation and to ameliorate fraternity among the Naga families. Therefore, it is our fervent hope and prayer that God Almighty bestow His wisdom upon the Naga people to shun from self destruction and reason together towards reaching our destiny.
Samson Remei
Vice President (Political)
Naga Hoho

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