Monday, March 1, 2021
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Apropos the news item NNC appoints interim Kedahge which was published in the local dailies on 26th September, 2020, the NNC/FGN is constrained to issue this clarification as Mr. Thupuswuyi S. Keyho has dragged in the name of our Kedahge, Brig. (Retd.) S. Singnya in the press release. While the NNC/FGN has no objection or any problem whatsoever in the particular NNC group to appoint/elect anybody as their interim Kedahge or even Kedahge as we do not interfere in the functioning of other political groups, at the same time we do not expect any splinter group to interfere in our affairs nor drag in the name of any of our functionaries much less the Kedahge’s with the intention to mislead the people just to gain publicity to suit their vested interests.
The NNC/FGN has no constitutional crisis whatsoever as the activities and functioning of the Government are guided by the constitutional provisions of the Yehzabo of Nagaland. The Kedahge of NNC/FGN is duly elected according to the constitutional provisions adhering to all norms and conventional practices based on Article 20 of the Yehzabo of Nagaland which states “The Kedahge shall be elected by an Electoral College consisting of the elected members of the Tatar Hoho”. And in so far as the ongoing talks with the Government of India is concerned, the NNC/FGN as a part of the NNPGs with the approval and consent of the Council of Kilonsers duly endorsed by the Tatar Hoho has signed the preamble with GoI. The 66th Tatar Hoho at Resolution Point No.1 appreciated the signing of the Agreed Positions between Government of India and the NNPGS on Resolution of Naga Political Issue which was
signed on 17 th November, 2017 by GoI and NNPGs Working Committee. The 66th Tatar Hoho and the 68th Tatar Hoho unanimously resolved to support the ongoing Peace Talk between the GoI and the NNPGs and the NNC/FGN is continuing the dialogue with the GoI to arrive at an honourable and mutually acceptable settlement.
Henceforth, any self respecting Political Group should refrain from trying to drag in the name of any NNC/FGN functionary just to gain mileage.
Ghuvishe V. Zhimomi
Cabinet Secretary,
Federal Government of Nagaland

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