Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Civil Society

Editorial 2

It has been said that our forefathers were very simple, innocent, gullible, modest, sympathetic and hospitable in their deeds and convictions. Generally speaking in the past our people were very simple, helpful and cooperative. Our elders believed in a simple and pure way of living. It was this ethos that kept our society intact and the people would hardly come across any act of utter selfishness, weirdness, avarice and self-indulgence. While most societies witnessed rapid changes in their social fabric after the technological revolutions, our society by and large remained almost a staunch protector of its collective consciousness. In fact, decades back our people had striven hard to protect our cultural, ethical and social fabric on one side while cautiously responding to the changes taking place at the global level. The high degree of violence, lawlessness, large-scale unemployment and exploitation and several other socio-economic ills brought profound changes in our ways of thinking and living. Disproportionate penetration of alien elements and alien culture into our society added fuel to fire. Misuse of modern technology and irrational imitation of western culture, well planned cultural invasion plus the local political exploitation have almost paralysed our progressive and constructive thinking. And today we think more for self-fulfilment and self-gratification than for the community. We are lost in our own fantasies and pretensions that someone may come from the heavens and help us in rebuilding our cultural ethos. The same society that few decades back used to be famed for innocence and secure from crimes and criminals, collectively striving to protect its culture and heritages, is now on the brink of social disaster. The legacy of simplicity and moderate conservation left behind by our elder generation has already been sullied by our generation too. And defiance and excessive display of contra-culturism by our younger generation is going to be devastative for our future societal endurance. We are already witnessing the worst corrupt practices, debauchery, depravity, immorality, extravagance, profligacy, undue craze for hi-fi life and much of such nuisances and evils. Corruption, waywardness, selfishness, wickedness, drug abuse, smuggling and alcoholism are gradually becoming the norm of the society and the day is not far away when we will be facing worst challenge of ethical and cultural crises, if not already. We enjoy and take pride of our wealth accumulated at the cost of sufferings of the poor, orphans, widows and the destitute. We vandalize our heritage with highest level of arrogance and never think in terms of the whole society and our coming generations. The death of our heritage, plunder of our forests, our rich wild life and our language is being mutely witnessed and the same is being encouraged in the name of compensations and recompenses. The money which otherwise is meant for collective welfare is now being misused for personal comforts. People may argue that changes are inevitable in the society, and they are right, but changes must be for good, inventive, positive and progressive. Following alien culture and xenocentricism, our society will not only lose its own cultural legacy but in times to come ours will be a heritage-less ultra-vandalized society. Unfortunately our preachers and intelligentsia (not to mention our political class) who were supposed to play an effective role in guiding the changes in our society in the right direction and instil among masses a sense of collective responsibility are themselves battling for their esteem and identity and have no time for social reconstruction. Absence of a strong and vibrant civil society has always paved way for conspirators to perpetuate their nefarious designs. Today the only way to save our society and to guide changes in the society in a right direction is to establish strong and progressive civil society. We need to take the society out of the present mess and work on a common platform without any bias and guide the changes in a progressive direction and protect our society from further deterioration.