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Civic reception of 1st DC & SP of Tseminyu held

Nagaland News

Kohima, January 10: The Civic Reception of the first Deputy Commissioner & Superintendent of Police of Tseminyu was held today at the Rengma Sports Association (RSA) Ground.
Speaking on the occasion, the first Deputy Commissioner of Tseminyu, Dr. Zasekuolie Chusi (IAS) said that cooperation of the people is a must for the development of the place.
“The first and foremost thing I would like to request of the Rengmas is to be cooperative and to give the best support to the administration for the development of the district and in this process…” we should not have any political colours,” he said.
There are seven ranges in Tseminyu district and there should not be differences of opinions, he said.
He expressed hope that the public will lend its understanding to the administration as during the course of developmental works, such as roads, drainages and other facilities, there are scenarios where existing physical infrastructure has to be taken down and the need arises to make room for additional structures along with the existing ones.
While congratulating the Rengmas in attaining its long-held cherished dream of having a district of its own, the Deputy Commissioner stressed on the importance of creating a congenial atmosphere for the furtherance of the district.
“We have so much to catch up on with the rest of the districts of Nagaland in terms of developmental aspects, that too at a faster pace… and I would like to request the community leaders to be cooperative with the district administration,” he said.
Also addressing the Rengmas as the first Superintendent of Police of Tseminyu Town for the first time, Kanchan Kandpal Kumar (IPS) said that his appointment as the SP to the new district of Tseminyu is like a convergence of an individual dream and a collective dream.
While the dream of the Rengmas for a district of their own was realised, my dream of climbing up the ranks was also answered just a couple of days apart, he said. Prior to being promoted as the SP of Tseminyu, Kumar was posted in Tuensang as the SDPO.
Sharing his last days working as the SDPO in Tuensang, Kumar said that in an informal Pre-Christmas event on December 15 he met some Rengma friends who were also posted there. A moment came where all of us decided to pray on each other’s behalf with a prayer point. “I prayed that my Rengma friends’ long cherished dreams would be fulfilled and they prayed for my promotion,” Kumar said.
Coincidentally, it was just a couple of days after Tseminyu was granted the District by the State Government and I too got my promotion and top it all, I was transferred to Tseminyu, he added.
Stating that while the district was attained with the hopes and aspirations of the people, the journey of hope is not over yet. “Our dreams and destination are just beginning from this moment on,” he said.
He also shared that his dream is to have everyone come to Tseminyu and say that they too want a model district like Tseminyu and that the academicians, sportspersons and people from all walks of life are at par with the rest of the world.
President, Rengma Hoho, Pollem Tep also took to the stage to thank the PDA government for meeting the demands of the Rengma people. “We want to thank our government again and again for fulfilling our long-held aspirations and dreams,” he stated.
He also expressed his gratitude to the rest of the Naga tribes for standing in solidarity with the demand of the Rengmas from the start to the finish.
Welcoming the first DC and the first SP, Tep said that people say that DCs and SPs are only for law and order but they can contribute a lot to the social and economic development of the place they posted in and he further urged the Rengma people to lend their support to the first ever DC and SP.
Advisor, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services & Women Resource Development, R. Khing and Advisor of Elections & Technical Education, Medo Yhokha were also present at the event. (Page News Service)