Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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Citizens rally to buy TrueNat Machine on their own

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Kohima, July 31: Around 375 individuals, Churches, students’ bodies, CSOs, political parties, village councils, VDBs and in-laws have come together under the initiatives of Sumi Aphuyemi Hoho (Pughoboto Area Public Organization) to contribute toward the procurement of Truenat Machine.
With monetary resources in place we (SAH) have further appealed to the Sub Divisional Task Force (SDTF) to take the necessary steps of purchasing and installing the two Truenat Machine at the Community Health Centre, Pughoboto on a “war footing”, SAH president Ngukato Tsuipu told Nagaland Page on Friday.
Tsuipu said while donations from well wishers are still pouring in at the moment, donations no matter the amount is happily welcomed.
The Pughoboto Area Public Organization is greatly inspired by the contributions made by young children on their own initiative, he said.
Tsuipu highlighted the case of Ashutoli Swu who came forward with her two-year savings, saying “Dad I also want to contribute to our people” when explained about the donation drive by her dad. Six-years-old Liniza Swu donated Rs 2000 from her prize money won from video message competition organized by News & Trends and the great initiative shown by Vinani Athena Tsuipi (5 years) and Lipami Tsuipu (3 years) who sold organic vegetables plucked from their farm.
As a result of this initiative, we’ve collected Rs 18 lakhs from 375 individuals and organizations from July 19 to July 31, and it still keeps on coming, he said.
Taking into account the community transmission happening in neighbouring districts, and with Pughoboto being the nearest sub-division from Kohima, the SAH felt that a TrueNat Machine was needed in order to be prepared, he said.
Tsuipu said that in order to purchase the machine, a joint consultation meeting between the SAH and Sub Divisional Task Force (SDTF) under the chairmanship of ADC Pughoboto T Moa Lemtur was held at DB Hall, Pughoboto on July 14.
The SAH further had a meeting on July 19 at Dimapur and decided to go ahead with the plan to purchase two TrueNat machines in the larger interest of the people within the Pughoboto area, stated Tsuipu.
With Rs 5 lakhs already deposited into the account of CMO Pughoboto, Hokugha, the SAH further requested the SDTF that three members from SAH should be made members of the committee for purchase and installation of TrueNat Machine, if at all it decides to form a committee, Tsuipu added. (Page News Service)