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CIHSR gets Nagaland’s 4th Blood Centre

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DIMAPUR, MARCH 19: The Christian Institute of Health Science and Research (CIHSR) on Saturday became Nagaland’s fourth and first private hospital to have a blood centre, achieving a long-held goal of CIHSR, Chümoukedima.
Dr. Joy Mammen, Professor and Head of the Department of Transfusion Medicine and Immunohaematology at CMC Vellore, spoke during the inaugural programme about the necessity of a triangle relationship in a blood centre’s success. According to Mammen, in order for the blood centre to work, the triangle must be optimised.
He explained that the most important thing to remember is that blood should be available on the shelf in case of an emergency. The second component of the triangle, he said, is the blood donor source, and he urged the audience that even if they are unable to donate blood, they can serve as a motivation to others.
Mammen maintained that this is one area of the medical sector where the community can participate and contribute to society. He referred to the Medical Department as the triangle’s third key feature, which must be used wisely and effectively.
Dr. Sedevi Angami, Director of CIHSR, said that establishing a blood centre is a significant milestone and shared that the past rejection by the inspection team when CIHSR had applied for the same served as an identifier of the Institute’s deficiencies.
Speaking about how one of the problems that India faces is a lack of quality laboratory services which was exposed during the pandemic as well as India’s chronic disregard for the laboratory sector, he urged the Government and private parties to collaborate in order to improve laboratory standards and delivering laboratory services in the State.
Mentioning that what CIHSR have should be viable to the entire State, he urged the staff to work hard and stated that it is the responsibility of the centre to ensure that people get high quality blood services.
KG Gaikhonlungpou, Technical Supervisor, explained during the event that the blood centre was inspected by the State and Central Drug Controllers on October 20, 2021, and approval was received on February 8, 2022. According to him, even prior to the approval, internal and external blood quality controls were being carried out by the Institute and staff was being trained accordingly.
He clarified that the blood centre can collect, store and prepare various blood components and would operate 24×7. For donors though, it would remain open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. He informed that there are also future plans of introducing Apheresis and establishing CIHSR blood centre as a referral centre for blood centre technologist and doctor training in Nagaland.
The centre, though operational now, would be opened to the public only in the coming week after a few more checks.
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