Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Church services suspended in Nagaland for 2nd successive Sunday


Kohima, March 29: For the second Sunday, churches in the State suspended services as a precautionary measure against COVID-19.
Church organizations in the State had advised churches to suspend services during the period of the country-wide lockdown. Heeding the advice of the Government and the Church organizations, many churches have suspended services, except in few places.
But many preachers and Church leaders have not stopped their bounden duties and have opted for online streaming of sermons, whatsapp, voice message, facebook, etc to continue spreading the Gospel.
Earlier churches were in dilemma whether to suspend church services or not.
Sunday schools and other Church activities also remains suspended.
Church services have also been suspended in several countries. Many other faiths have also suspended worship services and pilgrimages.
Various religious organizations are now engaged in voluntary services and relief and rehabilitation services. Churches have also offered free COVID-19 testing to the public in some places. Churches in Nagaland have also come forward to contribute and assist the Government to combat the virus.
For many spiritual leaders, the decision to shut their doors is difficult. But the COVID-19 pandemic is too great to ignore, and many religious groups have suspended rituals and services till the virus is contained.
But the fear is with Easter, Ramadan, Passover, and other holy days approaching, COVID-19 will undoubtedly upset religious lives in 2020. (Page News Service)