Sunday, February 28, 2021

Chümoukedima Orgs banish murder accused

Dimapur, August 8: The Chümoukedima Town Youth Organisation(CTYO), Chümoukedima Town Mechü Krotho(CTMK), Chümoukedima Town Mothers Association (CTMA), Chümoukedima Town Students’ Union(CTSU) held a series of meeting with the Hindu society on July 29 for the murder of late Tasenjungla Ao on July 12 on Chümoukedima soil, where the Organisations stood firmly on the ground to expel the culprit, for the heinous crime committed and tarnishing the image of peace loving people of Chümuokedima.
The organizations had banished the culprit Sanjay Lodh and his family out of Chümoukedima jurisdiction for life.
The Organisations also warned if any untoward scene arises in the future relating to the culprit and his family, the Hindu Society of Chümoukedima will be held responsible.
(Page News Service)