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When WHO officially declared Covid-19 pandemic, the Government of India in no time to prevent the infection for the safety and security of each and every citizen, officially announced the complete lockdown in the entire country on 24th March 2020 till Lockdown 4.0. Amid the coronavirus lockdowns, no doubt, people all over the Nation had faced unseen and unfortunate damages in different situations of life particularly the stranded people who could not move or reach to their native places and under such circumstances had to face untold  experiences.

Henceforth, under such crisis, Chümoukedima Hindu Society(CHS) with the active support from Chümoukedima Hindu Yuva Nagaland (CHYN), keeping in mind the Covid-19 protocols, CHS Team had reached out to the needy people in different locations stretching from Chümoukedima to proper Dimapur Town and distributed considerable dry ration kits to 1214 individuals and families and to12 groups or organisations like Rehabilitation & Orphanage Centres. This initiative was successful due to the active support from the well wishers, public leaders, District Administration, EAC Chümoukedima and under the guidance and supervision of Shri. Kishan Sharma(President, CHS), Shri. Pintu M. Ghosh(Working President, CHS) and Shri. Rajkumar Das(President, CHYN) As the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued an order amending the April 15 revised guidelines on the COVID-19 lockdown and allowed stranded people to be transported to their native places, this has released maximum relief and comfort to them and therefore, CHS for time being decided to suspend such programme. However, CHS would never step back if such crisis continues in future, indeed it would come forward to help for the service of humanity.

Prakash Chetri, General Secretary, CHS

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