Christopher Nolan: There is a connection between Batman and James Bond films

Christopher Nolan: There is a connection between Batman and James Bond films

Christopher Nolan might have said no to Batman movies and may have left Gotham city behind. But, when he was asked questions about his blockbuster The Dark Knight trilogy, the director could not help but provide some unique take on the trilogy.
While taking part in a masterclass conversation during his first visit ever to the Cannes Film Festival, Nolan said he viewed each of his three Batman movies as being part of different genres, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
He said, ‘To me, each film is a different genre. They tend to be defined by the villain. Batman Begins is a straightforward origins story. The villain (Liam Neeson’s Henri Ducard) is an appropriate adversary. He’s a mentor-turned-enemy’.
He continued, The Dark Knight for me was always a crime drama in the mould of a Michael Mann film. The Joker was a terrorist, an agent of chaos set loose’. While speaking about the epic finale to the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan envisioned “this movie as a historical epic. Bane as a militarist foe helped that.”
The Dunkirk helmer also shared that he didn’t see himself launching a Batman franchise when he took the job at Warner Bros. 13 years ago. “We hadn’t planned on doing a sequel,” Nolan said. “So shifting genres and the nature of the antagonist felt the way to take the audience on a journey and tell them something different about Bruce Wayne,” said Nolan.
When asked if his Batman paid homage to James Bond, Nolan admitted that there was a connection. “We mercilessly pillaged from the James Bond films for certain aspects. But I think if I made my version of James Bond, Inception is far more guilty of that than The Dark Knight,” shared Nolan.