Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Christians in Nagaland urged to take politics seriously


Kohima, December 3: Christians in Nagaland has to take politics seriously because politics in itself is not bad but it is the people involved in politics who are not good, said former Naga parliamentarian, Khyomo Lotha.
Speaking at a symposium on “Church and Politics and the Role of Christian” at NBCC Platinum Jubilee Hall here today, Lotha said “it is time for the Church to think seriously think about politics because the elected government is welfare of the people”.
President of Nagaland Joint Christian Forum, Rev Zelhou Keyho said “it is the Church which has to change politics but unless we work hard politics will change the church because there is a difference between being Christian and practicing Christians”.
The Nagaland Joint Christian Forum organized the symposium with pastors, seminary teachers and students with Rev. Frederick John “Fred” Nile, the longest serving parliamentarian in the Upper House of the Australia Assembly and who is also the Chairman of the Christian Democratic Party of Australia.
Sharing his political journey as a politician for over three decades, Rev. Nile said his political interest began as a seminary student.
Admitting that it was not easy even as a theological student to hold fast on to the supremacy of Christ and the authority of the Bible, he said bringing this to politics was a challenge because secularism has saturated political arena for a very long time. Most politicians tend not to bother to talk about the Bible nor do they live out their faith in politics, he said while expressing that for him the authority of the Bible and his personal faith in God and in Christ was the defining factor in every political decisions he has made as an ordained minister. He claimed to have remained strong on issues that goes against the Bible and his faith even as a politician.
“Australia is also not free from corruption but just because others are involved in wrong practices Christians should not be caught it the web. This is a challenge which Christian politicians will always face,” he said.
The Australian ordained minister said, “Christian politicians have double role to play, to act right and bear witness of the gospel.” In this, he asserted that “Change is possible if we remain true to our faith and the Bible.”
Those who attended the symposium gained much and agreed that if the church doesn’t bring change to the system, the corrupt system will continue to prevail and the society will be caught in the cycle of corrupted system.
The symposium was moderated by Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho and attended by Pastors, seminary teachers, politicians, public leaders and executive members of NJCF. (Page News Service)