Monday, June 21, 2021
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Christian Response to Adversity

The Christian Forum Dimapur conveys a heartfelt condolence to the bereaved families who lost their beloved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic battle. May God grant you peace and comfort from the living God! May the Good Lord grant them eternal rest. The CFD assures you of our prayers in this common struggle for a victory under God.
The Forum extends our sincere thanks to the Special Task Force of Nagaland Government, medical personnel, and police, all NGOs, and churches for sacrifice that you make to save bodies and souls in this hard time. We assure you of our prayers and support. May God grant you His grace, patience, and ability to tackle the challenge toward sunshine behind the present turbulence.
The CFD appeals to the Churches to continue to pray for God’s sovereign intervention in the struggle since the pandemic is not outside of spiritual warfare. The Forum also requests all Christians to extend all possible cooperation and support to the government and civil societies as we continue the battle for cleansing and victory.
As a spiritual body of Christians, the Christian Forum Dimapur wants to encourage one and all to look beyond your days of physical uncertainty. Many beloved relatives are suddenly disappearing before a chance to say ‘Goodbye’. Amid such days, we can find peace and comfort from God. The offer of the living Lord Jesus is still relevant and can give you peace when he said, “Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matt 11:28). Our Merciful God is always welcomes and grant His graces to those who seek and repent. The need of the hour is not a speculation but faith-based fact. There is life beyond rapid cremation or burial. Spiritual security must precede physical safety.
The evangelistic theme “Where will you spend your Eternity” has rescued many people from the shore of hell as testified. With confidence of eternity, many people are in different professions with honesty, integrity and a difference. People who have assurance of next life are fearless, confident, hopeful and joyful amid challenging upheavals. The imminence of ‘Eternity’ is absolutely relevant to us every moment of these days of obscurity. One can choose Heaven while Covid has no choice. The symptoms of Eternity are ‘when you are free from doubt of your faith in Jesus, when your inner heart is free from condemnation, when you are forgiven of your sins, and when you have courage to leave your body’.
The Christian Forum during its meeting held on 21st May decided to have a prayer and worship on every Tuesdays from 5pm to 6pm the zoom connection will e shared through our whatsapp, Pastors will be available for praying for the sick, dead and blessing the tomb kindly contact the office number 6909617895, other services for counseling, medical services and prayer kindly contact the toll free help line number 18001217119.
Lastly, Covid lockdown is not a hibernation but spiritual watchfulness with SOP as Spiritual Opportunity of Preparation, regulating

  1. Masking – keeping you holy and pure.
  2. Distancing – staying away from sinful habits.
  3. Sanitization – surrounding presence of God.
  4. Testing – daily spiritual transparency.
  5. Quarantine – personal x-raying and cleansing.
  6. Vaccination – faith in the blood of Jesus.
  7. Staying safe – comfort and confidence in God.
    The need of the hour is peace and comfort. You can find this in Jesus (John 14:27; 16:33). God bless you!
    Christian Forum Dimapur

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