Christian Forum meet held


Dimapur, September 2: The newly elected office bearers and the executives of Christian Forum Dimapur had its first meeting August 31 at Bethesda AoG Church, Dimapur.
Rev. Moses Murry, the Chairman proposed the welcome address and thanked all the members for their contribution towards the mission in working for unity and harmony as Christians believers. In the business hour the members discussed about the induction of the general body and studied the amended memorandum of the CFD. It also briefed the future programme of the forum namely to organize a prayer fellowship cum seminar and also to organize a Christmas carol.
During the session, Dr. Sedivi Angami spoke by sharing on how the Christians were being blessed in different ways – education, peacemaking, generosity and hospitality, evangelism, social consciousness and many other ways after the reign of Christianity in the state.
He also cited some of the areas where initiative has to be taken and voice to be raised in order to bring changes in the society. In this regard he also mentioned the urgent need of the Church involvement in resolving various issues faced by the general public.
He also put forward the proposal to all the Churches to join hands and work collaboratively to build a better road in Nagaland in an collaborative mode working with different tribal associations and churches together to build sustainable peace and bring development in the state.. Wapang Longchari from Sinai ministry also spoke on the importance of church involvement in social life and spiritual mission.
The office bearers selected the Advisory Board, Executive members and the General body for its better functioning. It also took special care by inducting women and youth representatives for an inclusive approach for effective functioning. The members are as follows:
The Office Bearers and the Executive members: Rev. Moses Murry – Chairman, Rev. S Vitoshe Swu – Vice Chairman, Dr. Fr C P Anto- Secretary, Wongto Chingmak – Joint Secretary, Ps Pekrusetuo Angami – Treasurer, Rev Tenga Seb (Baptist Church) – Member, Rev. Vilody Sakhrere (Baptist Church)-Member, Rev. Vangbong Phom (Christian Revival Church)-Member, E Thomas Kikon (Catholic Church)-Member, Rev Vishey Semy (Assembly of God)-Member, Nukshila, Women President (Baptist Church)-Member, Rita Kikon Achumi-Women President(Catholic Church)- Member, Chenithung, Youth President (Assembly of God)-Member, Thekruihousie, Youth President- Member, GeoffreyYaden-Member, Pentecostal Church- Member, James Ngullie (Independent Organization)-Member, Wapang (Sinai Ministry)- Member, Akito Zhimomi (Legal Consultant). The Advisory Board: Rev.Dr P Dozo, Rev. Chacko Karinthayil, Rev N Tzudir, Rev. R P Murry, Rev Dr N Paphino and inducted 67 individual churches as its general body members respectively. (Page News Service)