Monday, September 27, 2021

Christian Forum Dimapur appeals

Dimapur, July 2: A meeting of the Christian Forum Dimapur with executive and advisory board was held on June 30 at Bishop’s House, Dimapur. After intense discussion and deliberations on various issues faced by the civil society and understanding the struggle of the general public the members decided to appeal to individuals, different governmental and civil society organizations of the state, said a CFD release.
The CFD appealed to the Government and Governor of Nagaland to seek the will of God and will of the people for an acceptable, amicable and sustainable solution.
It also requested the Government to control the exuberant price rise daily use of commodities in the market. The members felt that the business family should not take advantage of the pandemic crisis to make profit rather they all should cooperate with the general and struggling public to help each other to alleviate the suffering and contain the COVID-19 crisis effectively.
The forum appealed to all the Churches in Dimapur and in the State to collaborate with Government and other skill development institutions to help unemployed youth, especially the returnees, to be occupied and find job in Nagaland.
It also requested churches to organize spiritual awakening programme and crusades for the youths. It requested the general public to follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) strictly in all the public places without any compromise. In this regard CFD also decided to organize workshops, seminars and training to generate employment for the youth.
The CFD also strongly appealed to individuals and organizations involved in extortion and collecting money during this pandemic situation to eschew such activity.
The forum further requested the youth to be creative and develop a strong work culture to seek job to sustain day to day life and to cooperate and collaborate with the churches, Government and skill development organizations, entrepreneurs associations and training institutes to get registered for suitable job oriented trainings and make our state a model for entrepreneurships and small scale industries. (Page News Service)