Friday, June 18, 2021

Christian Bale is ‘done’ with dramatic weight loss for movies

Christian Bale

Actor Christian Bale has gone through weight transformation quite a few times for movie roles, but the star of The Dark Knight says he is done with such constant fluctuations. “I keep saying I’m done with it,” Bale, 45, said in an interview with CBS. “I really think I’m done with it, yeah!”
The Vice actor sat down for an interview to promote his latest film, Ford v Ferrari, in which he slimmed down and lost 70 pounds to play race car driver Ken Miles. Even though Bale seems to be over the ups and downs of his weight transformations, his co-star Matt Damon was impressed watching it happen, reports
“I had a great time watching him,” Damon. “He’s got (an) incredible monk-like discipline, like, when he went from Dick Cheney to this guy. So, he had to lose 70 pounds.” Before this role, the actor gained a ton of weight to play Dick Cheney in Vice.
“When I first signed up for it, Jim said, ‘This is great, we’ve got six months until we start. Christian weighs 240 pounds,’” recalls Matt Damon. “I was like, ‘He weighs what?’” Bale, sitting next to his co-star, lights up. “He’s rolling down the track!” Bale says, laughing. “Without a car!
“I would just get these periodic updates. But he did it,” says Damon, shaking his head. “When I saw him on set, I said, ‘How did you lose 70 pounds?’ And he just said, ‘Didn’t eat.’”
In Ford v Ferrari, Damon plays visionary automotive designer Carroll Shelby and Bale plays maverick British racer Ken Miles. Shelby and Miles were brought together by the Ford Motor Co. to defeat perennial Le Mans champions Ferrari in 1966. They are both dedicated, driven personalities who chafe at the dictates of the overlords at Ford. Ford v Ferrari, a rare big-budget original film, is about high-speed mavericks shrugging off corporate control to accomplish something singular.
Ford v Ferrari is their first film together even though Damon, 49, and Bale, 45, are roughly contemporaries. “I think I’ve taken a lot of roles that Matt passed on,” says Bale. “I’ve worked thanks to Matt, just not with Matt.”