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Choose united & strong or divided & voiceless Nagaland: Dr. SC Jamir

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 30: Former Nagaland Chief Minister Dr SC Jamir today called upon Naga younger generation to choose either a united and strong Nagaland or a divided Nagaland with no voice in the country.
“The dream of Canaan for the Nagas has disappeared totally from the political firmament of Nagaland, and today tribalism and narrow parochialism have been showing their ugly heads to destroy the unity of Naga family”, he said.
Speaking at the 37th Freshers’ Day of Public College of Commerce (PCC) on the theme “Vibrant Youth” at IMC Hall here, Jamir reminded that leaders of yesteryears dreamt of a united, harmonious, peaceful, progressive and prosperous Nagaland, but if the present trend of division is not checked, it may lead to dismantling of Nagaland and thereby remove the much acclaimed distinct identity of the Nagas.
The veteran Naga leader lamented that even after more than 50 years of political movement with blood, tears and sacrifices, Nagas have again landed in a terrible mess.
Stating that a fragmented Nagaland shall always be a heavy burden and perennial liabilities, both politically and economically to the Government of India, Jamir urged Indian leaders as well as Naga leaders engaged in hammering out a durable solution to the Naga problem to be guided by political wisdom and foresight and do what is best for the and people and the country.
He also lamented that Nagas are obsessed with politics as if it is the only means to develop a human society, but in the bargain has totally neglected other important elements required for the welfare of the people.
According to Jamir, in the present political landscape of Nagaland, most leaders are still talking about past events that are no longer relevant under the present circumstances.
“Nothing is good in Nagaland in the present perception,” he lamented. This, he said, is because we resort to only blame and criticism instead of approaching each other with understanding.
On the occasion, Jamir also iterated the imperative need to have quality faculty who will bring transformation in students and lead them to acquire the right knowledge.
PCC Principal, Dr AK Talukder briefed on the origin of the college, which was formed in the year 1980.
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