Chizami Declaration


On the occasion of the International Day of Rural Women, the 15th of October 2018, we Naga women farmers of Phek, Dimapur and Kohima district, members of the Self Employed Women Association(SEWA) Nagaland and North East Network (NEN), a women’s rights organization that support women farmers, having deliberated issues and challenges to our indigenous food and farming system in the context of climate change, have arrived at the following declaration; a sincere appeal to the Government and local authorities (Village councils in particular) on the following:
1. Promote and support diversity-based ecological agriculture where women are engaged in largest numbers as producers and workers. Ensure support for Jhum agriculture which involves food production on small farms through policy and investment support. Support growing food crops to ensure food and nutritional security and protect the environment from adverse affects of chemical based farming. Create support for landless women farmers in leasing agriculture lands for organic farming. Ensure effective implementation of Nagaland State Organic Policy. Promote and support diversified livelihoods such as livestock rearing, vending, weaving and provide market linkages.
2. Ensure access to good quality indigenous seeds: promote indigenous food crops and seeds, to decrease dependence on market seeds. Recognize traditional knowledge of women farmers in conservation of genetic diversity and provide infrastructural support for women-led community seed banks. Strengthen and prioritize innovative indigenous practices of seed preservation, procurement and its distribution. Revive and support for climate resilient indigenous seeds.
3. Enhance access to credit and working capital for women farmers and their collectives to enhance their livelihoods; provide infrastructure support; address grievance of frequent deduction from savings by Banks.
4. Pest Management: Recognize and promote practices of Indigenous Pest Management and also support farmers with scientific & technical knowhow on managing new pests and diseases in the context of climate change.
5. Universal coverage for Social Security Schemes: All women workers from the informal sector/ farm women should be able to access universal coverage for all social security schemes such as pension, maternity entitlements, health, accident and life insurance. Activate the Nagaland State Unorganised Social Security Welfare Board and implement the Unorganised Workers’ Social Security Act 2008 in reality.
6. Strengthening Local market – Augment women’s access to market: Ensure good connectivity, infrastructure for affordable transportation of agricultural produce from rural to urban areas; develop collection centers in rural areas and dropping points in towns, enable women farmers’ access to markets. Ensure fair prices for farmers produces.
7. Adoption of appropriate technology for gender inclusiveness: This includes technical support for developing innovative women friendly tools and appropriate technology for hilly terrain. Innovative, cost effective food-processing technology such as Millets dehusking machines to decrease drudgery should be developed and made available, accessible and affordable for women farmers.
The above declaration is endorsed by women farmers of Phek, Dimapur and Kohima district, Nagaland

1. Kewenyilou- Chizami Village
2. Wetezou- Chizami Village
3. Kekhrowe-u- Chizami Village
4. Lhikowe-u- Chizami Village
5. Kekhenyi-u- Chizami Village
6. Welhi-u, Chizami Village
7. Neikhro-u, Chizami Village
8. Zewelo-u, Chizami Village
9. Lonyitshü-u, Chizami Village
10. Neizoko-u Naro, Chizami Village
11. Neikowe-u, Chizami Village
12. Lhikhrolo-u, Chizami Village
13. Khewelhi-u, Chizami Village
14. Lhizote-u, Chizami Village
15. Neimese-u, Chizami Village
16. Kedu-u Thopi, Chizami Village
17. Meselhizu-u, Chizami Village
18. Khepelo-u, Chizami Village
19. Khrope-u, Chizami Village
20. Weko-u, Chizami Village
21. Shilu- Meluri Town
22. Serhesa- Meluri Village
23. Serusü- Meluri Village
24. Vütsütshü- Meluri Village
25. Rhochutsü- Meluri Village
26. K.Z. Rozy- Meluri Town
27. Atsülu- Meluri Town
28. Rhozhisa, Meluri Town
29. Vepupeü- Thetsumi
30. Neizope-u, Thetsumi Village
31. Bino, Meluri Town
32. Rurhovu, Khumasü
33. Wepetsolou, Chizami Town
34. Wetepe-u, Chizami Town
35. Kezüwete-u, Chizami Town
36. Khrozole, Chizami Town
37. Vizokhoü, Zeizou Village
38. Neichülieü, Ziezou Village
39. Beiü, Ziezou Village
40. Keneinuo, Ziezou Village
41. Thepfuzhünuo, Ziezou Village
42. Vilasietuoü, Ziezou Village
43. Khrieketouü, Ziezou Village
44. Pupetso-ü, Mesulumi Village
45. Thsote-ü, Mesulumi Village
46. Seiyevelü, Lower Khomi Village
47. Zashetsolü, Lower Khomi
48. Kedutsolou- Enhulumi Village
49. Khrolou- Enhulumi Village
50. Kopeu- Enhulumi Village
51. Kewetsou- Enhulumi Village
52. Adino- Enhulumi Village
53. Theno-u- Enhulumi Village
54. Konyi-u- Enhulumi Village
55. Kewekolo-u- Sümi Village
56. Pukhatoli- Sümi Village
57. Kezütshüte-u, Sümi Village
58. Kumtsali, Sümi Village
59. Viyeicieli, Sümi Village
60. Vecieli, Sümi Village
61. Vekhuli, Sümi Village
62. Alokupeli, Sümi Village
63. Shevili, Sümi Village
64. Viholi, Sümi Village
65. Kedulhi-ü, Pfutsero Village
66. Vekholü, Pfutsero Town
67. Akhwele, Pfutsero Town
68. Mesutso-ü, Pfutsero Town
69. Vekhotalü, Pfutsero Town
70. Wekhrotsolo-u, Pfutsero Town
71. Savone, Pfutsero Town
72. Ravotalü, Pfutsero Town
73. Vehutalü, Pfutsero Town
74. Mesewepreü, Pfutsero Town
75. Neipe-ü, Pfutsero Town
76. Atanie, Pfutsero Town
77. Cunetalü, Pfutsero Town
78. Nevezalü, Pfutsero Town
79. Nohütalü, Pfutsero Town
80. Nuno Losou, Pfutsero Town
81. Anule, Pfutsero Town
82. Neiko-u Doulo, Pfutsero Town
83. Tshezote-u Doulo, Pfutsero Town
84. Kedupe-ü, Pfutsero Town
85. Neisepeü, Pfutsero Town
86. Nüthovolü, Pfutsero Town
87. Veshezolü, Pfutsero Town
88. Neitso-ü Kapfo, Pfutsero Town
89. Neivole Mero, Pfutsero Town
90. Müdozholü, Pfutsero Town
91. Cünekholü, Pfutsero Town
92. Nehülü, Pfutsero Town
93. Neivotsolü Kotso, Pfutsero Town
94. Vekhotalü Yhobu, Pfutsero Town
95. Venedulü, Pfutsro Town
96. Thanuo, Pfutsero Town
97. Azone, Pfutsero Town
98. Tsathini, Pfutsero Town
99. Rathitso, Pfutsero Town
100. Neiweze-ü, Pfutsero Town
101. Thukuvolü, Süthozu Nagwu
102. Khretholü, Dzülha Village
103. Mülüvolü, Sekrüzu Town
104. Akhone, Thürütsüswü Village
105. Zavekholü, Thürütsüswü Village
106. Küvekholü, Rüzazho Village
107. Cekrozolü, Rüzazho Village
108. Zasevolü, Rüzazho Village
109. Vilazonuo- NEN, Chizami
110. Munulu Chuzo- NEN, Chizami
111. Wekowe-u Tsuhah, NEN Chiza mi
112. Neitshope-u Thopi- NEN, Chizami
113. Seno Tsuhah, NEN Chizami
114. Tsheyilo-u Chirhah, NEN Chiza mi
115. Dolly Wotsa, NEN Chizami
116. Kewekhrozo Thopi, NEN Chizami
117. Dilo Koza, NEN Chizami
118. Stephen Gangmai, NEN Chizami
119. Hraveine David, NEN Chizami

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