Thursday, April 22, 2021

Chilliso VG celebrates golden jubilee

Dimapur, October 31: Advisor, IPR Toshi Wungtong graced the Chilliso Village Guard golden jubilee as special guest on October 25 at Chilliso village.
Speaking on the occasion, he called upon the VGs and the public to shun their differences so as to achieve development and progress and to set example of unity and strength by living in harmony. He recollected the VG fraternities with pride who made their supreme sacrifice of giving their lives in defence of border villages.
“We salute them for their act of bravery and heroism and their unflinching loyalty and dedication to the organization and sacrifices made to call of duty over the years,” he stated and urged the VGs to continue to live to its good name as the finest village volunteer, guarding and protecting the villages from insurgent and criminals activities in aiding with the civil administration of forging unity and harmony among various tribes and community at all times.
While stressing that better development activities could be carried forward only in cohesion and resolved social issues so that people could live peacefully, he also appreciated Advisor L.Khumo for taking keen initiative for all this successful programme.
Guest of honour, Advisor L. Khumo speaking on similar lines called upon the public to uphold unity and focus on development and progress.
Short speeches were also delivered by Hd. GB Peshu village and Commandant VG Tuensang. (Page News Service)