Friday, December 4, 2020

Children participate in road repairing works


Dimapur, September 3: As major landslides occurred on NH-29 between Kiruphema and Kohima for the last few weeks due to the incessant rains, the movement of the vehicles has been totally cut off near old KMC dumping area which is adversely affected causing untold miseries to the travellers.
For months, vehicles have been diverted from Kiruphema village jurisdiction which is the only alternative road connecting state capital and Manipur state at present from the commercial hub of Nagaland Dimapur.
The Kiruphema Youth Organisation (KYO) again today conducted road repairing works and widen the narrow portions of “by-pass” road between Peducha and Kiruphe Bawe/Basa for public and road safety.
Even village children took part with the volunteers, as present condition of the road can no longer bear the heavy traffic and may pose a grave danger for vehicle safety in the hilly terrain.
A driver who joined the social work said, “Some people are liberally working for reconstruction of roads for smooth functioning but many responsible educated youths keep on barking in social media”.
He also urged citizens to take further ladder in road restorations as Nagaland is facing unbelievable situation this year due to incessant rains. (Page News Service)