Children not safe even at home, say activists


Aizawl, April 30: Children in Mizoram are not always safe and are at the risk of getting sexually abused even in their own home, workers of State Child Protection Society (SCPS) said here on Sunday.
The Child Welfare Committee (CWC) registered 1,123 child abuse cases between April 2017 and March 2018, including 68 cases that were pending from the previous year. Of these, sexual abuse was on top, followed by negligence of children, SCPS workers said.
Sexual abuse against children has been on the rise in Mizoram since 2012, they said.
Of the 1,123 child abuse cases registered, the CWC disposed 1,043 cases and kept 80 cases pending, to be disposed of this year.
According to SCPS workers, sexual molestation was highest among child abuse cases and most of the accused were either the victim’s relatives or acquaintances. “Children are not safe anywhere in the state as most cases of child sexual abuse were committed by relatives, friends and teachers of the victims,” they said, adding the rate of sexual abuse against children keeps increasing with each year.
During the same period, the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) registered 335 cases, including 92 pending cases from the previous year.
Of the 335 cases registered, 332 were disposed of by the board and 95 cases were kept pending for the current year.
Altogether 190 cases out of the 335 cases were registered for either theft or burglary, followed by drug abuse.
According to the workers of SCPS, child abuse cases and juvenile cases were comparatively high in Mizoram because of public awareness that increased the reported cases to the CWC and JJB.
They said most of the cases were associated with children from orphanages. (TTNE)