Children need to grow in child-friendly environment, says Ela

Children need to grow in child-friendly  environment, says Ela

Dimapur, June 8: Assisi Centre for Integrated Development cum National Domestic Workers Movement Nagaland Region today observed World Day Against Child Labour on the theme “Children should not work in fields but on dreams” in collaboration with Dimapur District Legal Services Authority (DDLSA), here at Assisi auditorium, Lake View Colony.
K. Ela, Collab Director, Childline Dimapur addressing the gathering on the occasion said that there is a need for children to grow up in a child friendly environment which they are not getting starting from their own families and the stricter rules for them are only proving to be backfiring.
She asked the parents therefore to be informed about the needs and problems of the children and be aware of the people they are surrounding their children with as more often than not, the threats and violence that the children face comes from the people they know.
She said it is important for parents to equip themselves with knowledge by attaining seminars and programmes like this.
Giving a glimpse as what type of environment the children are growing up, she shared the results of a survey that she and her team did recently taking 195 children studying in Class 8. She said that the study found 171 children out of the 195 intake intoxicants like cigarettes, alcohol etc., 182 admitted to be in romantic relationships, and 133 experimented with sex.
She said that it is dangerous to be ignorant but beneficial to be informed.
Penal lawyer, Abemo Ngullie, DDLSA, made the attendants aware of the POSCO Act and how they should handle a case. He said that it is important for the children to receive sex education which people don’t take about much here as well as have family time.
Secretary of DDLSA, CJM, Ajongba Imchen made the audience aware of the rights of the children and said that every child in India is eligible to receive free education under RTE Act and if any school is asking the children to pay even Rs 5, they are doing criminal acts and should be reported to responsible authorities.
He said that it is the responsibility of the parents too to give their wards education and they must not disobey that and send them to do child labour. He said that though POSCO is an important act, people need to be informed about it.
Asst. Labour Commissioner W.Tamwang Konyak, Sr. Pramila Lobo, Coordinator, NDWM also spoke during the programme. The programme was dotted with a number of skits and performances put up by the children. (Page News Service)