Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Children encouraged to be peace-builders

Nagaland News

Jalukie, July 29: With the objectives to impart peace education and emphasise the importance of peace in the minds of the young people, Peace Channel organized a one-day Peace retreat for the students and teacher of various schools from Jalukie.
Resource person, Zevisanuo Khate, Trainer Peace Channel, spoke on the topic “Building Peace Together” where she said that peace is not only with society but peace within oneself. Peace is one of the most essential requirements of humanity and a necessary prerequisite for progress, development and sustainability, towards transforming the culture of violence into culture of peace.
She stated that peace is not just merely the absence of war but a situation where individuals or groups actively collaborate and co-exist in harmony and understanding despite odds. Pointing out that bringing peace in the society is a complex process, she stated that it involves prevalence of justice, mutual understanding of culture and the religion of others, humanity, tolerance and acceptance of differences.
Peace can be installed in young minds by educating the culture of working together, appreciating coexistence, developing non-violence conflict resolution skills, and respect for human dignity, religious tolerance and understanding of the world, she said and encouraged the students to inculcate the qualities of peace builders: loving, respectful, helpful, supportive, understanding, forgiving an update stated and be a ‘change maker and an agent of peace for our better tomorrow.
Later the students were divided into four groups and did Peace Celebration, a fun learning session to developing listening skill, ability to listen to understand and to increase the concentration level, which is an activity of the peace clubs where they learn through games which was followed by a vote of thanks by Keyitopung Kauring, district coordinator and a group photo session.
All together 96 students and 7 teacher animators participated in the program.
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