Monday, May 10, 2021

Child Parliament formed to empower children through democratic values

Nagaland News

Dimapur, November 26: Project SPATIAL under Can Youth supported by Child Aid Network has formed the Child Parliament, for the students of Government High School, Sarbura. Can Youth is also planning to form Child Parliament in different Government Schools under Dimapur district.

Lairing Dau Jigdung, Project coordinator of project SPATIAL has taken up the session and gave a brief concept on the purpose of formation of child parliament and its importance among the children. He also mentioned that it is a platform for the students at school, where students express their emotions fearlessly and work with their understanding of right to self.
Lairing pointed out the importance of Child Parliament which will be effective in teaching and emphasize where students can play an important role in solving problems, such as maintaining of the school sanitation, carrying out activities (sports, cultural programs, devotion) and assisting teachers through various ways.
He also illustrated on the objectives of Child Parliament where the students would become sensitive to school related issues and linking school management to solution, ensure students participation in order to create a better educational environment in the school, building personality development in students, team spirit and making the students aware about parliamentary functioning, developing an understanding of democratic values and enhance their leadership skills.
The team along with the Headmistress and students had a discussion in forming the group and elected for various posts that is to be introduced in Child Parliament. Later, the students were nominated for different post, Chenibemo Lotha as President, Methila Norah as Prime Minister followed by cabinet minister.
(Page News Service)