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‘CHC Mangkolemba lacks facilities to combat COVID-19’

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, JULY 8: Three Mangkolemba town organizations have stated that the Community Health Centre (CHC) at Mangkolemba lacks necessary equipments and facilities to combat COVID-19.

In a release, MALT president Tiakumzuk; All Ward Chairman convenor Lanuyanger and MTSU president Wapongtoshi said recently 9 persons tested positive for COVID-19 at Mangkolemba and contact tracing is going on. “This has brought the public of Mangkolemba and nearby villages to a grim situation. The Community Health Centre at Mangkolemba is lacking the necessary equipments and facilities to combat against COVID-19”, it informed.
Urging the concerned authority to look into the matter to fight the war on COVID-19 by providing necessary facility deemed fit as the CHC should have, the organizations warned that failure to address the problem and fulfilling the demand will lead to loss of public cooperation.
Meanwhile various NGOs, namely MALT, MTSU, Watsü Telongjem, All Ward Chairman, All Ward Gaon Bora, Mangkolemba Town Council appreciated the health care workers of CHC Mangkolemba, led by SMO, for their untiring efforts in every possible way in fighting COVID-19 despite lack of proper infrastructure, medical equipments, manpower, etc.
It also appreciated Mangkolemba Baptist Church for contributions towards the CHC.
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