Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Chakhesang orgs condemn launch of ‘Mora 2021″

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 9: Chakhesang apex frontal organisations have condemned the launch of ‘Mora 2021’ by Ritika Mittal.
In a press release issued on Monday, the Chakhesang Women Welfare Society stated that despite being served a notice and another warning, Mittal has “gone ahead with her Mora Collection which uses our textile, without consent and correct accreditation”.

“She was informed to stop using Kuzhami in her credits since Kuzhami refers to 14 Kuzha/Khuzha speaking villages among the Chakhesangs in Nagaland. She worked only with 2 ~ Lasumi and Zapami villages ~ yet refuses to name these 2 villages and even acknowledge NEN, Mora’s facilitating partner. She refused to comply with the terms & conditions offered by the Chakhesang apex frontal organisations, and instead challenged the community and invited them to visit her in Punjab. She has even gone to the extent of stating on social media that her project created the spelling of our indigenous word ‘Thebvo’. She has also used several of our other indigenous words to give identity to her clothing with no permission from the community.
“She delivered a talk on WICCI platform on August 8, 2021 condemning indigenous communities’ protection around their indigenous knowledge, fear, GI tag and went so far as to recommend how the Chakhesang community should open itself to collaboration rather than being possessive. On this World Indigenous Day, we would like to make a claim that Ritika Mittal has no right to re-define our societal and traditional operations according to her self- interests. Nor does she have the right to represent our Chakhesang community in any local, national or international platform. The frontal organisations further warns Mora to immediately stop using any of our community textiles, traditional designs and motifs, failing which appropriate measures will be taken”, read the press release.
It also stated that “we as a community” condemn the notes Mittal has written in her website

“We request the public to be mindful of the unethical practises that has been indulged in this Mora 2021 launch and we leave it to the wisdom of the consumer to either appreciate or condemn such practises. We, the Chakhesang community, hereby declare that Ritika Mittal or any individual representing Mora will not be allowed to enter Phek district”, it added. (Page News Service)