Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Chakhesang Hoho condemns

Dear Madam,
Chakhesang Hoho(WCH) vehemently condemn the murder incident of 22 year old Tasenjungla from Molungyimsen Village, a resident of Dimapur and whose death body was found in a pond near Green Timber Mill, Chumukedima on July 12 by the police. Dimapur police has done a remarkable job in arresting Sanjay Lodh, the prime accused. The culprit ought to be awarded the highest exemplary punishment by the concern authority and bail should not be granted to the accused nor any person
Should move to dilute such a heinous case of crime under any circumstances.
Dietho Rhakho                                                                 Zasekhoyi Rings
President WCH.                                                              Joint Secretary, WCH